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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By blurred talon
Hey all!

I've used Eagle CAD along with the info in the Sparkfun tutorials to draw up my first circuit board and I'd like to have someone with more experience take a look at it for me. This way I can ensure everything is correct before I send it for printing and I don't end up with coasters!
I'm stuck on the actual board, looking at the air wires it looks like the outputs from V-Regs are tied together when they are separate, I've tried to fix it but I cannot.

The circuit in question is for voltage regulation for a rather large set of LEDs. It's using Sharp LDO Voltage Regulators with a .33uf Tantalum capacitor across the voltage input pin and ground (pins 1 and 3) and 47uf Electrolytic capacitor across the voltage output pin and ground (pins 2 and 3). I am not using pin 4 on the voltage regulators.

Here's a link to download it from Drive: ... kxEaU9XX0k
By mattylad
Swap the positions of C6 and C9 then run the ratsnest.

Why are you using SMT caps for 1 type and PTH ones for the other?
It would probably be better to use PTH throughout.