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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By voxmagna
Hi, I only use the free versions for small hobby projects and have probably tried all the versions but one thing consistently bugs me and I'm hoping an experienced Eagler can help me.

On my first use of Eagle I crashed and burned on just about everything until I started reading the Tutorials. The biggest trap I fell into was checking the schematic and board layout for errors. After an error check it is logical to fix a problem then repeat the error check yes? But if you don't save the edits you have just done and import the new saved file, the error check just repeats the errors found on the first pass.

My question is why doesn't Eagle autoupdate after applying a screen edit so subsequent error checks are done on the updated screen you are looking at? This issue applies to all the edit functions and seems to be a design concept for reasons I cannot explain which has remained in all versions.

Then I thought although this logic seems quirky and misleading to a novice like me, if I can assign a function key macro to FILE/SAVE and FILE/RECENT I can use one key to update the edit and refresh the screen so ERC gives the right result post edit. But no, those are windoze app screen commands and not included in the edit list to make a key macro.

What am I doing wrong?