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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By gammzy98
Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone could help me or lead me in the right direction. I am looking to find or commission someone that has experience in PCB Design. I currently have a design (they are gerber files in a .zip). I am looking for someone that would be able to do a minor redesign of the layout. It is a 2 layer design. Essentially I am trying to move around some components to fit my specific application. I know redesigning involves moving the traces associated with the components as well. I have some experience in PCB design software, but far from a normal or expert user.

If anyone has experience or knows where I can contact someone to get this done please let me know. More details can be discussed via PM if you are willing take on the commission. Thank you!
By lyndon
This could prove to be far more difficult than you think. Gerber files are output documents, not inputs. That means that tools to modify them tend to be fairly limited to minor changes. Unless you need more than just a few holes widened or traces thickened, you could be looking at someone completely redesigning the board.