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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By dumb
Hi all,

I am new to PCB designing and I am using Orcad 9.2 version. I am confused with the layer stacking. In the software, layers are in the order TOP, BOTTOM, GND, POWER, IN1, IN2,... . If I have to make a stack like TOP, GND1, POWER1, POWER2, GND2 AND BOTTOM, then shall I mention layers in the spreadsheet in the same way or it will arrange itself?
By mattylad
It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference.

When you produce Gerbers you will identify the layer stack either by naming the files or by a text file etc and the board manufacturer will not put the bottom elec as the 2nd layer in a board.

If it helps put the layer number in text outside the board outline i.e. layer1, layer2 etc on each layer through the stack as they should be.

IMO it's daft to not have the layer stack displayed as you look through the PCB so id you can rearrange it, it may help you when routing.
By dumb
Hi Mattylad,

Thanks for reply. I have another doubt. Actually, in my design I kept two high speed connectors carrying same high speed signal, so that the board can be connected to multiple boards. So my doubt is, will it be a good idea to keep two high speed connectors on the board ?
By mattylad
Its not uncommon, depending on the signal type you may have to use some termination method and topology like daisy chain or H-tree - but then HI speed is not my bag, someone else will be able to help[ you with that (I hope).