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Questions relating to designing PCBs
Hey all,

I am carefully designing a simple gamepad. The proportions and interface are calibrated exactly for my hands and the input components. (I have even tailored accents and sketched a dozen vinyl skin accessories.)

All I need now -- is to build it! Can you help me?

What electronics knowledge would I need to have to design this circuit? All I need to do is capture the input signals and relay them over Bluetooth as a HID gamepad/keyboard/mouse.

It just has the same inputs as a PS/XBOX controller, plus a Blackberry keyboard and track pad, to be mapped. So, that means some signals will be variable and some will be standard buttons/keys. It is seemingly appropriate to pair the gamepad/keyboard/mouse as separate devices. (In Windows, I can figure out the rest. There is an open source PS4 to XBOX controller mapping software for me to study.)

I have never built a PCB before, so I'll help by outlining some questions below.
  • How do I design and test the circuit? (Tutorials, Tools, Software, etc.)
  • How do I determine what components are necessary?
  • What MCU(s) would be sufficient?
    • Is the MCU necessary? (Why? Talk with the Bluetooth Module?)
    • How to get started programming it? (Tutorials, Tools, Software, etc.)
  • What Bluetooth Module(s) would be sufficient?
  • What kind of regulation do I need for the LiOn battery?
    • How about the Blackberry PCB? How do I determine his, if needed?
Really looking forward to this! Should be fun!
Any thoughts? Thank you!