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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By VaultDweller
I've just started designing my first PCB with Eagle. After having gone through the fantastic tutorials from Sparkfun, I completed my first draft of what I think it is I want to make. Essentially I have a pretty simple setup using the SparkFun RFID Reader Breakout with an ID-20LA, a piezo buzzer, an LED, and a RedBoard with the ESP8266 WiFi shield. When it reads an RFID tag it sounds the buzzer and lights up the LED while transmitting the tag data to a server over WiFi. It works great, so now I want to convert my breadboard and wires into an Arduino shield that will work the the ESP8266 (hence not using pins 8 and 9). I used the SparkFun RFID Reader Breakout and SparkFun RFID USB Reader Eagle files as a reference and I think I have what I want, but being as this is the first ever thing I've tried to design I'm wondering if I could get any input on possible flaws or things that could be improved. Is this forum a good place for that, or is there somewhere else that would be better? For those interested my project is on GitHub at: