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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By tronicman
hello guys,

in fact this is the first time that i design a pcb for manufacturing and i wonder if there is some specific rules or restriction to follow ?? thank you
By motopic
First read all you can find online about pcb layouts in general. Then read about the software you are using.

You will have to contact your anticipated fab house. Each will have min trace widths, thicknesses, drill sizes, etc. They should also have guidelines on parts placements and margins, of course depends on parts. I use, they are really helpful, and can do board stuffing (but I disclaim, I have not used this part of their service).
By allan10
Hello Leon,

Our pcbgogo is a pcb manufacturer, and we custom pcb prototype as our client file, generally most pcb manufacturer use gerber file as their fabricate file, when you finish designing , you can ask the capabilities from your board supplier,
tell your manufacturer the technological requirements, like the Thickness,Finished Copper,Surface Finish and the color of the solder mask,silkscreen......, or maybe you can see ,hope will be useful for you .