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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By dextbgen
I am new to PCB design, and I was searching for schematics for sensors, that I need to put on one single board. I came across these modules:
If I just put some of these modules on EAGLE, would the PCB manufacturer be able to make the board, or do I still need to provide the inner schematics of the sensor? I am particularly interested in the light and motion sensor modules. I also looked at Sparkfun's EAGLE library. It did not have motion sensor in it, and had a light sensor, buy it wasn't a module, it was just an LDR.
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By Ross Robotics
That library is to place modules (boards) directly onto your PCB. If you want to layout your board with just components, then you need to design the schematic and layout the board.
By lyndon
I think you may be confused by the difference between schematics and PCB. The PCB manufacturer has absolutely no interest in the schematic. They only care that the format you provide (typically Gerber/RS274) has the information on where the tracks are to be placed, and what holes to drill where, etc.

The schematic is the diagram of electrical connections. Any given schematic can be represented by an infinite number of PCB layouts.
By DakLak
It is common, when PCB authors wish to maintain confidential information, to prepare FAB materials that disclose no component information or PCB names - using part numbers only.

We use one FAB shop for prototypes which offers 24-hour turnaround as standard. They will accept almost any form of data from PDF, through Graphic files to numerous CAD packages. They return all material including photographic artwork,

For quantities over 500 pieces we use larger in-country production companies who are quite happy to accept common PCB-CAD output.

We tried a few FAB shops in China and two of them demanded complete packages including schematics and components values. Obviously they had thoughts about selling some of their clients designs for additional income.

If you check out SEEED you will find you can complete PCB circuitry with relative ease.