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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By justunkurk
I'm building a custom shield for an Arduino Mega using the Sparkfun Eagle libraries. I'm using the ARDUINO-MEGAFULL brd and sch files as an easy references for the shield. I'm trying to get rid of the drill holes in order to create some more real estate on the shield but cannot. I've tried using the group tool to select each hole, but it seems the board is one piece. That is, each drill hole cannot be selected individually. I've also tried to select the dimension layer and any other layer for the holes. I'm tempted to recreate the board from scratch but am worried about the pins aligning with the board.

I'm looking for any suggestions or a board layout for Arduino Mega which does not have any drill holes.

Thank you for reading.
By justunkurk
Apoglogies, I think I should have been more specific in my first post. I'm using the Mega brd file from the Sparkfun Eagle lbr collection. Found here:

After adding the lbr, I create a new schematic and add the ARDUINO-MEGAFULL part found in the SparkFun-Boards section of the library. After adding my components, I go to the brd file. I try to right click on the drill holes, the ones which are made to allow the board to be mounted to a surface with screws, and cannot select them. The only option is to delete group, which is in grey. I can only select the holes if I group the entire board. Bit stuck here. I think I may try my luck with creating a shield from scratch.
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By darrellg
Ah, I misunderstood your question. You can open the part in the library editor and delete the drill holes. You might want to copy the part to a custom library first. Sparkfun has a tutorial on custom footprints in Eagle at ... s-in-eagle. It has a lot of info in it that you won't need, but it covers some stuff you will need.
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