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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By bznorth
Just checked the prices on PCBexpress which I've always used, haven't for a while though and they have skyrocketed. Could I please get some names on some popular online, instant quote (no email quotes) for some small simple 2 sided boards CHEAP? Prefer to use my own software and send gerber files but do have a a few projects where using their software might be ok. Have used some of those Ebay chinese places but don't have the time to wait. -- thanks !
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By Ross Robotics
Seeed and OSHPark
By wilykat
OSHPark gets me new boards a little faster but they tended to cost more than itead. itead can do 10 or 12 boards in 5cm x 5cm (about 2" x 2" for about $10 but shipping can be a bit longer than OSHPark.

For quick prototyping I start with OSH and when I need more but not in a hurry, I use itead.
By edgaren14
Ok, i've used both OSH and PCBExpress, and it's true: Express became expensive. OSH is fine and i recommend it, but im now getting my boards from PCB Unlimited because it is like really cheap... For a similiar project (4xSimple Two-sided boards 3x4 inches) i ordered a panel share to reduce pricess and just paid 79$. And it shipped in 5 days.
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By leon_heller
FWIW, ITead and Seeed both use the same PCB manufacturer. ITead appears to be faster for delivery.
By motopic
I've used one in Chicago, and one in Thailand (futurlec).

Thailand is way cheaper. They take standard gerber and some other formats. Lots of options, silkscreen, mask.
Turn time is about 2 weeks with shipping. They will also populate boards and (I assume can) test as well.(I have not used these options)