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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By dragospd

I'm developing a project (sensor network) based on cc430 mcu. The firmware is (almost) ready and I need someone experienced in PCB design (and RF circuit design aware) to undertake the job of adapting some designs from TI into a prototype board.

Basically the following board:
should be adapted to support cc430 SoC. The reference design that should be merged is

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By MichaelN
Unfortunately I don't have time myself, but a few things a potential contractor will need to know:
- Do you have a schematic, or at least more detail of how you want things connected? How are the sensors connected, and what will the power supply look like? Eg, a small solar panel charging a lithium battery?
- Do you have a particular enclosure / case in mind, or will you just 3D-print (or similar) something to suit the PCB?
- What range do you need, and how will these devices be mounted? This will determine whether the miniature helical antenna will be sufficient.
- What connectors do you want, and which part of the PCB do you want them located?