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Title: Eagle. Is it possible to disable the DRC rule, which generates via-in-pad error?


I’d like to make a board where some of the vias are on SMT pads. I’m aware of the potential assembly problems, which via-in-pad might cause. My circuit will be hand assembled.

When I try to make via-in-pad, Eagle generates a pop-up message “can’t set via to layer 1”, or draws a big yellow X on the layout.
I'm aware of one workaround for this. A via can be drawn next to the pad and dragged to the pad afterwards. But, doing this for lots of pads would be a PITA.

Is it possible to suppress this error in Eagle layout :?:

Any suggestion, insight or reference is really appreciated!

I'm not new to PCB layout, but I'm new to Eagle. Running 6.2.0 (free).

- Nick

Update: parallel thread
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Joeisi wrote:Well you could just accept the error.
This feature of Eagle, which I’m struggling with, runs on-the-fly. It doesn’t let me route a connection, if it contains via in pad. So Eagle, doesn't let me accept or ignore the error. I’m more used to the kind of DRC, which you're implying, which allows me to draw what I like, and highlights the errors, when I ask it to.

Well, I'll use workaround with dragging the via onto the SMT pad. I gave up on disabling this error.
Joeisi wrote:If you are trying to autoroute the board like it sounds like you will never get it to put vias on pads. Its just not coded in that way. You will have to hand route it if you are really trying to autoroute it.
From the beginning, this discussion is about manual routing. I'm not autorouting.

BTW, parallel thread: