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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By josheeg
I want to have my prototypes robot assembled.
I am looking to use batchpcb and would like what I get back still in its pannel.
The pannel I need the gerber file of the 3 or so connected and my xyrs pick and place files that I have for one for all the boards.
Is this possible?
Is this possible? With enough money (or volume), anything can be done. Most places that run pick-and-place machine runs usually have a minimal run, setup fees, and batch requirements. If you are doing enough items, it makes sense - otherwise, it's gonna be very VERY costly.
josheeg wrote:dorkbotpdx and advanced assembly I am working with so far there awsome! Dorkbotpdx has fast boards and made in USA.

How much are you paying for assembly? I'm workign on a 39.3x54mm board, that has 40-some parts on it, 1/3 are 0402 or QFN packages...very hard to hand solder. I have been using stencils and a toaster to do my own reflow oven soldering in the past, but QFN's are still a b*tch for me to do... I only need 1 or 2 boards done, and of course would supply the parts and boards for assembly, but I'm not looking at 500+$ to do 2 boards, It would be cheaper for me to try and reflow 20 or more boards myself for that price
I would check out advanced assembly and dorkbot pdx then. is my site and kicad is what I like to use free and open source all the way. After all how else can you create a universaly acsepted build it button for robotics to have it compiled.