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Pretty simple question but after hours of searching I cannot find what I am sure must already be a standard IC with a specific name but the name is what I cannot find.

I have a DC boost IC that needs a 3V signal enable pin, so it needs 3V to turn on. Now my actual trigger pin only has 1.8V. I want to use that to switch on the boost, using a few components as possible (smaller BOM is better than cost in this case).

At the moment I am driving an NPN through a resistor from the 1.8V, that is then connected to a PNP that supplies the 3V - standard setup with resistor divider when the NPN is enabled, dropping the voltage over the PNP to half turning it on - but this requires 2 transistors, and 4 resistors and really I am sure there must be an IC that has this kind of setup already, so it only needs Vdd ,Vss, Enable and Out or something similar.

Does anyone have any ideas?