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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By josheeg
PCB solder paste stencil, board & stencil holder, put stencil

I was considering getting a makerbot thing-o-matic 3d plastic printer to print solder paste stencils from my pcb files.
So I would print to size some of the layers and use inkscape to trace them into a solid svg file.

Then open them in heekscad or maby blender and then extrude the 2d sketch to 3d then print.

Some small scaling will proably have to be done for tolerances.

But if their is a high temp one their could be a placement stencil for assembling a board quick, a solder paste stencil like the sparkfun tutorial uses, and a holder with posts or a edge to hold the stencil and board.

THese all could be printed.

So please tell me your thoughts on this.

I think heating the board with a placement stencil would be great to keep everything together whale hotplating or toaster oven.

please tell me your thoughts on this... :mrgreen: :D