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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By kacper
The display dialog's color selection seems to be missing some colors on my installation. For example I can not select white as a color for the tPlace layer. I see two rows of colors and the rest are all dark grey. Anyone who knows how one can select more colors?

Windows 7
Eagle 5.6.0

By theatrus
Are you doing something silly such as running under 256 color compatibility mode? I haven't tried Eagle under Windows 7 either, so it could be a compatibility issue.
By kacper
I'd figured it out. In the board editor under Options - Set... One should turn of "Use alpha blending". Having the bottom and top layer on at the same time gives a rather fashionable color if you turn alpha blending off. Perhaps adding the colors manually by setting the "Alpha channel" to 255 is a better approach.
Any idea what alpha blending is?
By TheDirty
It's a way of mixing the different layer colours, so you can see through top layers and see layers underneath.
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By sparky
Version 5.11 on windows 7 seems to lock the palette now. A command will fix spot 16 to white:

set palette 16 0x00000000;