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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By ruafrog
I am pretty new to reading schematics and wanted someone to confirm what exactly the "B" and "C" terminals are on the Lipower board. I think these are the two terminals for wiring the a LiPo charger. Correct?

Thanks for the help.

By signal7
I assume you're talking about the lillypad version of the LiPoly charger. Unfortunately, the schematic and the board markings don't seem to match up... or at least I don't see a correlation. You'll have to take a close look at the wiring on the board (probably with a multimeter) to figure out exactly what they connect to. I tried looking at the pictures on the site, but there isn't enough detail to clearly see where the traces go.
By ruafrog
Thanks for responding.

Yeah I am referring to the lilypad version of the LiPoly charger (the LilyPay LiPower) and it is totally confusing to me. I think that to connect a charger the + PWR connects to terminal "C" and then GND to one of the "-" terminals. But then what would "B" terminal be for?

I will use the multimeter to check but I would love some confirmation.

By trophosphere
From looking at the picture the schematic, I think the 'B' is the "Raw Battery Voltage" terminal and the 'C' is the "Charge Pad" terminal.

The + would be the 5v output.
The B would be where you would gain access to the battery's output voltage. This is controlled by the switch.
The C would be where you would connect the + side of your charger.
The JST connector would be where you would connect the + side of your battery.
By ruafrog
Fantastic. Thanks for the response. One question though...Isn't the JST connect both + & - for the LiPo battery?
By trophosphere
Yes, you are correct, the JST connector can be connected to both the + and - side of the battery.
By ruafrog
Thanks so much for the quick reply and all your help. This makes me feel better about getting my feet wet with the LiPower, LiPo Charger and battery.