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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By cirutech
same problem, searched the forum and found this post...

anybody has this part ina library? Or more detailed description? The datasheet found on the product's webpage doesn't say too much about the led's footprint (pin dill holes, for example)
By rpcelectronics
Why not make the part yourself?


Oops, hit the post button too quick!

When I have a part that I can't get a decent datasheet for, I start by sitting down with a good mm ruler and digital calipers. I get the best dimensions I can this way then:

- Build the inital part,
- Print the part footprint out
- Lay the part on the page
- Check for spacing/alignment
- Make changes as needed to the part.

I have done this with many odd parts that I just could not get details on.

It's easy in Eagle.
By cirutech
Yes your suggestion is right, the fact is that actually I don't have that led to measure. This is why I was asking if somebody had in a lib.
By no first name supplied
That is one spectacularly useless diagram in the datasheet. It includes every measurement that you don't care about, and none of those that you do.

If the drawing is to scale, the leads are on a 1.3mm pitch. Make the holes big enough (say 0.9mm) and it'll probably fit.
By rpcelectronics
OK, Here is a quick and dirty. Take a look and see if it might work.

To figure the lead spacing, I looked at the crappy datasheet and noticed that the two outer legs are just about to the end of the 5mm width. Bisect that and get 2.5mm. Bisect that and get 1.25mm. I figure roughly a 1.25mm lead spacing, so I went with that. ...
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