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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By denki
i'm designing a part for a surface mount fastener ... +Fasteners, the r'angle fastener in that link. it needs to be just a square solder pad with two holes for the pins.

my question is how do i create a solder pad with holes in it? do i just draw a rectangle in the top layer and then place the holes, does it matter if the holes and rectangle overlap?

By AlexOtter
What I usually do for that, is I create a square via, then finish it off (increase length, etc) with rectangles. That way you have a copper-free hole in the middle surrounded by whatever copper pad shape you need. Might be a slightly inefficient way to do it, but it works for me. Rough example:

By denki
thanks! that should work. one question though, aren't vias plated? i thought only "holes" were copper free? not that it matters because it's not an electrical part, just wondering.
By denki
also, it seems like i can only add a via in layout mode, is there a way to do as a part? maybe i could just do a "pad" through hole.
By Philba
do you need the entire area? I'd just make a rect pad that fits between 2 holes.
By denki
yeah that's what i just settled on. appreciate the help!
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