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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By snyper1982
Ok, there are a few different modchips out there you can make for the wii, but I am interested in making the wiikey. I am having issues designing this thing though. I am a beginner at designing PCB's so any help would be greatly appreciated. It uses just a basic Atmega8L, a couple of capacitors(not sure what size, but I believe they are 0.10µF) and a resistor(1k Ohms). I have some pictures of the boaerd I want to design, but I just do not know how to design some of the sections. Like the big chunk of copper under the Atmega8L(I believe that is called a copper pour). I also don't know how to use the back side of the board to make a ground plane and stuff. Also, the pads near the cutout that get soldered to the Wii board, they are colored like green, blue, yellow, cyan. Or the other holes with the pads next to them for GND and VCC

Anyways, I guess what i am asking is, if I upload the pictures of the board I am trying to make, and the schematic and board that I have already tried to make, can you guys help point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance for any help you guys give out.

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By Shifted
Out of curiosity, since you are just copying the board, do you know what kind of software you need to put on the chip? I'd be much more worried about how to interface with the Wii than trying to copy a board. It seems to me you are just duplicating somebody else's design, so unless this is something new and amazing, why not just skip the possible legal problems and use what's already on the market?
By snyper1982
I have to software for the chip already. I can put the modchip into the without much trouble just by wiring it in, but I want to learn how to design PCB, so I figured it might as be something I plan on using. It doesn't look to difficult, I am just a total newb to designing PCB. I am trying to use Eagle to do this, and I just am having trouble with some of the design, like the ground plane, and the copper pour under the chip itself. Like I said, this is strictly educational for me, as I already have the schematic for just wiring it up directly.
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