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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By silic0re
Hi all,

I'm working on designing a board to tinker with the AT91RM9200 ARM processor (it looks like this ARM can use external memory with a 2-layer board).

The datasheet gives a number of dimensions, but not exactly a recommended footprint. The device is a PQFP 208, 28x28mm, 0.5mm pin spacing. I found the SQFP-S-28X28-208 package in Eagle's SMD-IPC library, and it looks to be about right. I'm weary to use a standard part from someone elses library for an SMD -- but as I can't seem to find a recommended footprint, I was wondering if anyone had successfully used this eagle footprint before on the ARM without ending up with some coasters...? :)


(P.S. While googling to see if the AT91RM9200 and a Micron MT48LC16M16A2P 32MB SDRAM would work together on a 2-layer board, I actually found a real example of someone using this very same setup! . It looks like an interesting project, and makes me feel better about using such a fast chip with external memory on a 2-layer board... :) )[/url]
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