avr studio + using usb = strage results.

USB PICs and the UBW

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avr studio + using usb = strage results.

Post by ulao » Mon Feb 23, 2015 4:26 pm

I have an issue I really need help with that I do not understand. I have 10 systems 2 that have avr-studio and a usb avr burner. On those two systems my usb project does the strangest things.

1) Cuts out and drops the device. Then it comes back online a few times after start.
2) Feature reports are corrupted, for example my PID force feed back allows me to start an effect but not stop. I see the command sent with USB Lyzer but the device somehow ignores it on occasions.
3) Device sometimes does not show up and fails with a generic error. Moving to a new usb port fixes that.
4) Other random things like part of the report buffer is ignored.

To fix this I just go in to device manager and remove the hub, re-find it and without a reboot all is fine. As soon as I use avrstudio to burn to my chip its broken again. A this point I'm forced to move my dev system to another box but I really hate to do that. I know avrbackend.exe hijacks the buss and yes this is a culprit but something else is to blame that or avrbackend cause permanent issues once closed.

Any thoughts?

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