USB container ID's

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USB container ID's

Post by ulao » Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:22 am

I'm looking for a solution and I'm not sure if this container ID option will help.

Problem, I have 4 usb devices with the same VID/PID on one hub. They don't get assigned in any order. The hub could be shaped like [port1][port2][port3][port4] and the USB IDs in windows could be [port4][port2][port1][port3]. So I have one idea, to use 4 VID/PID's and name the devices device 1, device 2, ect... This helps with what ports is what but it's still confusing as the order is off. Now if there was a way to assign an ID to each port by flashing a certain code this would make life easy. Flash my device 1 code and have the code set the container ID.

And no, I can not use multiple ports on one descriptor in this case.

So would this container ID thing help?

Or did I miss read that. Will this force a device on a hub to report its ID order?

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