help with Microchip Audio USB framework driver

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help with Microchip Audio USB framework driver

Post by jmayes » Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:36 pm

Hi, I am working on a Host USB interface to a Matrix switch that uses the Audio control class 10 (sub class 1, protocol 0). I am using the PIC24FJ256GB106, I have downloaded both current and archive USB library's and have successfully tested HID, MSD & CDC modes but the included audio driver ' usb_host_audio_v1.c' does not have any example apps for it and try as I may I can not get it to be happy in mplab let alone try to custom config it. My basic task here is to interface USB to RS232 (uart). I believe it's using full speed mode, defiantly not low speed cdc as I have determined the chip in the target device that drives the USB will not support CDC (low) speed. If someone has used the audio driver file and can provide some framework for me I could take over from there or if someone would like to make some extra scratch I would gladly sub out this job.

Hey, I not pressed to use this device either if someone has code for another.

Any help would be appreciated,

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