MSD & CDC for 2 serial port comms problem?

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MSD & CDC for 2 serial port comms problem?

Post by GertJL » Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:52 am

Hi Group,
I am having a bit of a problem on interpreting my 'error' in regards to building a usb device with 1xMSD and cdc to create
2x serial ports. I have been trying to find guidance and pointers, however, it appears
that my search is fruitless, until I read your comments. Is it possible to ask you one
or 2 questions to steer me in the right direction? The msd-part is working, I now om
testing with code to test echo comms between my target > pc TermEmul. It works for
usb cdc_0. Now I a using code for doing the same with cdc_1, but that fails. No comms between TermEmul/target.
Ultimately I would like to have 2x pc TermEmul sessions to 'talk' to eachother using
the virt comports create by plugging in the usb device target. Thus the usb device target
becomes a 'comms-bridge' between the to TermEmul sessions. Hope it makes sense?
Pic used : 32MX795, EX32 Compiler, Win7 I have used the basic device MSD+CDC code in the MAL (dated June 2013) Modified the descrip file to include the MSD and CDC for '2 usb ports' .
I am not sure now whether the Win7 .inf is incorrect, although DevMngr reports reports ports/msd all ok. Any help or sample code etc will be appreciated, since I am stuck. I can attach descrip file as well as the win7 .inf file if
someone can give me some input.

Thank you for your time.

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