Is the CP2021 is a CDC-ACM

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Is the CP2021 is a CDC-ACM

Post by asimkumar » Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:19 am

i am trying to connect CP2021 device to a VNC2(viniculum-II from FTDI) in host mode, i am new to USB, i want to know what are necessary parameters of the device which the host should be aware of should aware of , as i have seen there are lot of descriptor.

They have provided two related precompiled firmwares one is CDC-UART bridge other one is FT232-UART bridge (FT232 is a USB serial coverter module from FTDI).
the device descriptor of FT232 almost match with CP2021 but its not working, is the CP2021 is a CDC-ACM or not.

Thank for your time

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