USB card reader Simple Access program wanted ..

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USB card reader Simple Access program wanted ..

Post by javaro » Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:44 am

hello ..

I am looking for someone able to to make a SIMPLE program that can read a chip-phonecard. (asynchone cards) by the means of an standard USB-card reader ..

I mean : Insert a phonecard with a chip in the USB-reader .
and give me the contents of that chip.. as an Hex string or anything useful (Easy ? )

Something useful is CARDPEEK ( it reads belgium ID cards , SIS cards.. (all asynchrone) ) via USB..
but I need to read asynchrone cards..
Here the link .. to download :

here some info on telephone cards : (probably it's useful) ... ecard.html

I will then check the contents , and add into the logic , where the card comes from (country) , the Units on the card, the units left on the card, the serial numbers etc ..
I have most of this information ..
I wrote some application is ASP, html, know about xml, javascript.. but I am not a professional in the field.

As I am not able to start writing and accessing the contents of a chip , I need somebody's help to get started and setup the routines.
Your help is appreciated and may be remunerated if needed.

This is a personal project and if succesful, we can make a deal in selling the program to collectors of phonecards worldwide.
because they are interested to see the contents and origin of a card, the units left on the card (if it is unused or used) and serial number for identifying printed quantities.

you can write me in English, NL or FR

Hope to read YOU soon, if you are of ANY help ..

The picture enclosed is a EPROM card reader, reading a chip and giving the information .. need something very simple similar like that ..

JAN ... 86_001.jpg

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