New UBW firmware released v1.4.9

USB PICs and the UBW

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New UBW firmware released v1.4.9

Post by EmbeddedMan » Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:11 am

Very small update to the UBW firmware. Only new feature is a fourth parameter to the "F" command, basically turning it into a PWM command (you can vary the percentage of time that the pin is high).

See 1.4.9 command doc here : ... _v149.html
Download ZIP file for project here :

Also, there are simple instructions in the comments at the top of user.c to show you how to compile the UBW firmware for use without the bootloader. This might be useful if you need a bit more Flash space, or if you want to use a hardware debugger to debug your code changes, or maybe even if you want to simulate in the MPLAB simulator.

This release was tested with MPLAB 8.76, C18 v3.40, and USB stack v2.9a.


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