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By rsalasidis
I am unable to get the Serial output to work at anything but 9600 baud.

If I execute the above command, the Serial Monitor will only display correct output if set to 9600 baud.

Is there an issue setting the serial porty speed, or am I missing something.

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By YellowDog
You need to change the speed of your terminal as well as the speed in your sketch
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By rsalasidis
I did set the speed of the terminal, but as stated, the terminal will only display correctly if set to 9600, regardless of the setting in the sketch.

If you set the sketch to any value, the terminal must be set to 9600, otherwise there is garbage data being displayed.

It seems that the serial.begin is not changing the basic rate from the 9600 setting.
By paulvha
interesting. Recently another person posted a problem with Serial and Serial1, which I could not reproduce on my ATP. (viewtopic.php?f=169&t=58621&p=237096#p237096). I have ordered an Artemis Nano and expect that to arrive tomorrow.

It looked to me the root cause was a corrupted boards library, however I now wonder do you happen to use Serial1 as well ?
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