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I have a MicroMod Single Pair Ethernet Kit (KIT-24804) with two MircorMod Teensy Processors with Copy Protection (DEV-18771). I am trying to run Example 1 - Basic send andReceive and BasicEcho - from the SparkFun ADIN1110 Arduino library, however I cannot get a data link between the two boards.

The first obvious problem was that in the boardsupport.h file the interrupt, reset, and chip select pins are not defined for the Teensy board. I modified the file to define these pins based on the schematics provided on the SparkFun website:

#define DEFAULT_ETH_INT_Pin 4
#define DEFAULT_ETH_RESET_Pin 42
#define DEFAULT_ETH_SPI_CS_Pin 10

This allows the code to compile and be uploaded to the Teensy boards, however no datalink can be established. There appears to be some sort of hang up when calling the adin1110 library, as both example codes (Example01a_BasicSendRecieve.ino, Example01b_BasicEcho.ino) do not get past the the first instance of using adin1110 functions.

I've tried the other example codes and none of them work.

Any advice or experience getting SPE working is very much appreciated.
Try starting over without the SPE stuff and just get the Teensy working with Blink ... mple-blink (be sure to add the PJRC add on if you haven't already)

Then verify you can alter the pin #s necessary for SPE ... e-overview (check the larger pinmap table that has the Teensy and micromod pin #s)
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