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The hardware combination is as follows: MicroMod STM32 Processor, MicroMod Main Board, Single Pair Ethernet Function Board.

After flashing the code according to the MicroMod STM32 Processor Hookup Guide, the serial port only prints the first line "Single Pair Ethernet - Example 1b Basic Echo". Then it won't continue to run.

I debugged step by step and found that the code stopped running "adin1110_Init(hDevice, pCfg);"

Is the routine code suitable for stm32f4? If so, what is the problem?
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There's a customer comment making me think it might not have ETH pin broken out?

You can create an issue here ... sor/issues to alert the engineering team...though I don't think that will immediately get something working for you...if purchased from, head to and we can swap the STM for a different processor

If purchased elsewhere contact vendor for similar
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