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By b-morgan
I have the IoT RedBoard - ESP32 and a LiPo battery. I would like to debug code while the board is powered by the battery. The obvious choice (and the one that most of the examples use) is to send debug output to the serial port. Of course, a normal USB cable connected to the USB-C connector provides power to the board and charges the battery.

What I need is a USB cable that has the data pins (and ground) always connected and a switch that interrupts the power only.
Is there a product I can buy with these features?

I have already built an extension cable for the battery that includes a switch so I don't have to wrestle with the battery connector on the RedBoard itself. I think this would be a useful product to make available as well.
Sparkfun offers a few USB breakout boards which make it easy to physically separate pin functions:

I recently bought some different types and with screw terminals instead of solder pads, like this: ... 0914Y1GXD/
I've already put one to good use connecting a 10 watt, 12 volt halogen bulb to a USB-A for some battery powerbank capacity testing. It glows nicely at 5 volts, about 2.5 watts.
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