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By Johnny7
I've soldered an Adafruit 254 SD module to a generic prototyping shield with the CS connected to pin 10.

Using \Examples\SD\ReadWrite.ino and changing line 36 to use pin 10:

UNO rev 3 works.

Redboard Turbo doesn't work. (I do have to change the Serial.prints to SerialUSB.print).

This initialization part always fails:

if (!SD.begin(10)) {
SerialUSB.println("initialization failed!");
while (1);
SerialUSB.println("initialization done.");

Can I not use pin 10 for CS on the Redboard Turbo?
Do I have to rewire to pin 2 for the Redboard Turbo? [hope not].


This one still has me stumped.

The shield works on the UNO r3 but not on the Redboard Turbo.

I have checked the Redboard Turbo "Graphical Datasheet" which identifies the pins but I don't see any difference in the SPI pins between these two boards [D10 through D13]. What is going on?

If I can't get this working I will have to toss the Turbo and buy another UNO. That would be disappointing.

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