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By bla-bla-bla
I've seen this post previously, but no replies. Not sure if anyone figured out what is going on?

I followed the basic steps to load the blinky program.
If I follow these steps and press the upload button in the Arduino IDE 2.2.1, the program loads. When I unplug and re-plug the STM32 board with the USB cable, the program runs.
However, I cannot open a putty session to view the "Hello World!" message.
Looking at device manager only two COM ports are listed COM1 and COM3. Neither of these COM ports connect to the STM32.

Can anyone let me know why this super basic setup procedure on the Sparkfun website does not work? Any solution to make it work?

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By rrainey
Same issue here. I have a Sparkfun STM32 Things Plus. I am using VS Code and arduino-cli. The board showed up as COM6 before my first upload. After the first upload, I have no COM6 -- I can still upload to that port however. I'm using the defaults for all the USB/Serial board configuration settings. The COM6 port is missing, so neither the "arduino-cli monitor" command nor the VS Code Serial Monitor function can connect.

I have tried this with both the 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 releases of the Sparkfun STM32 board. Same outcome.
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