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By Adix3

I have a board with nrf52832 and I would like to program it using the ST-Link programmer (using OpenOCD software). I installed the necessary components for "Sparkfun nrf52 Boards" in Arduino. I created a sketch that should blink the LED on pin P0.30:
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void setup()
    pinMode(30, OUTPUT);  

void loop()
  digitalWrite(30, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(30, LOW);
Then I generated the .bin file using "Sketch -> Export compiled binary". I uploaded it to nrf52832 using the ST-Link programmer (OpenOCD). The programming procedure was successful. Unfortunately my LED connected to P0.30 is not flashing.

This is definitely not a hardware problem, because I asked users from to generate a .bin file in the SDK that will change the state to P0.30 every 1 second. After uploading the .bin file (that I received from them) my LED is blinking. (Link to thread: ... a-test-bin)

Can someone help me?
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