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By astroclone
Hello, I received a SPE micromod kit. It only came with one carrier board so I ordered a new one. Once I got that I tried to upload to the included esp32 board. I can't seem to figure it out. The Artemis board works fine in both carrier boards but the ESP32 board will not work on either. The little blue light in the corner will come on if I install the board with the power on but it stops flashing pretty quickly. Is there a solution for this or is there a way to check if I have a bad board?

Also the serial monitor can read from the board (rst 0x10 spi_fast_flash_boot) so I know the com port works but it won't let me upload to the board.
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By TS-Russell
Make sure you have the drivers for the esp32 installed ... rogramming

Can you get a basic blink to work? Double check the board and COM port too.....also ensure that you completely close the IDE before switched boards/processors....close it entirely before switching and re-try
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By alin180493
I have received the SPE kit, but the demo codes are not working for ESP32. I received a panic message and enters a bootloop.

Did you manage to solve your issue? Do you have an example code that you might be able to share?

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By alin180493
Quick update. The Arduino IDE - The ESP32 Board version 2.0.9 is not working with the demo codes. I have installed an older version of 2.0.4 and i made the first example work only if ESP32 has example 1B on it and Artemis has example 1A. The other way around is not working, still getting the boot loop on the ESP32. So i it might be the board firmware used by the Arduino IDE which is not compatible with the SPE library.

On the github repo, the same issue is posted and it was first opend about a year ago. Not much has changed since then. ... y/issues/1

ESP32 - 1B
Artemis - 1A

ESP32 - 1A
Artemis - 1B
NOT Working
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By mnrd
I received my SPE Kit today and I am experiencing the same behavior aas described and had even more problems with setting up the kit. Initially the board with the ESP32 mounted would not start at all. It would power up but programming was already problematic and i could not get any program to boot correctly as long as the daughter card was present. Actually the ADIN1110 board has a pullup on pwr_en (R22) that through the main-board connection also pulls the ESP GPIO12 high. In the ESP32 Micromod Schematic it is mentioned that pulling that pin high during reset might prevent flashing or booting so i unsoldered it. Now the ADIN1110 is only powered when i set GPIO12 high, but in return i am able to flash and boot so i'm taking that as a win.

Then i found out what was described in this thread. The example-code does not build for the ESP32. Thankfully i found your post and downgrading fro 2.0.10 to 2.0.4 did the trick. Just wanted to share that here if anybody else runs into this problem...after all these exact pieces are sold together as a kit. :roll:
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By fa.soft
Run in the same issue with ESP32 Arduino Lib 2.0.11. When calling sfe_spe_advanced::begin(cs_pin) from calling adin1110.begin(deviceMAC) I get "Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic'ed (Interrupt wdt timeout on CPU1).

Core 1 register dump:
PC : 0x4008ab56 PS : 0x00060c35 A0 : 0x80089ace A1 : 0x3ffc9d90
A2 : 0x3ffb7618 A3 : 0x3ffbd564 A4 : 0x00000004 A5 : 0x00060c23
A6 : 0x00060c23 A7 : 0x00000001 A8 : 0x3ffbd564 A9 : 0x00000018
A10 : 0x3ffbd564 A11 : 0x00000018 A12 : 0x3ffc6ff4 A13 : 0x00060c23
A14 : 0x007bfa98 A15 : 0x003fffff SAR : 0x00000019 EXCCAUSE: 0x00000006
EXCVADDR: 0x00000000 LBEG : 0x40085f58 LEND : 0x40085f63 LCOUNT : 0x00000000

Backtrace: 0x4008ab53:0x3ffc9d90 0x40089acb:0x3ffc9db0 0x40088e5e:0x3ffc9dd0 0x400e2f92:0x3ffc9e10 0x400e3091:0x3ffc9e40 0x400d81b9:0x3ffc9e60 0x400d8256:0x3ffc9eb0 0x400d5ac5:0x3ffc9ee0 0x400d5b19:0x3ffc9f00 0x400d4a37:0x3ffc9f20 0x400d4b69:0x3ffc9f40 0x400d25fb:0x3ffc9f60 0x400d2705:0x3ffc9f90 0x400d283e:0x3ffc9fb0 0x400d48d0:0x3ffc9fd0 0x400d4ba9:0x3ffca010 0x400d4bd5:0x3ffca030 0x400d185c:0x3ffca050 0x400d1712:0x3ffca070 0x400d71e7:0x3ffca0a0
BTW: The Reset pin for ADIN 1110 pinout table on ... ware-setup
is pin 55. In ... IN1110.pdf
it is pin 57 on MicroMod Connector however. Guess pin 57 is correct, isn't it?
Note: ADIN1110 with ArtemisV1 works.
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By rauscher
I recently got a 10Base-T1L kit and am experiencing the same problem. I ordered another Artemis chip but am kinda annoyed that the example code didn't work on the kit that was sold.

Have any of you had success? I'm trying to build what I'm calling an "unconditional bridge" between 10Base-T1L and 10BaseT. It seems pretty straightforward. What do you all think?

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