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By Thermalguy
I purchased a MicroMod Single Pair Ethernet kit and had it up and running with the Example01a_BasicSendReceive in the Artemus processor and Example01b_BasicEcho in the ESP processor. I have added a breakout board(which I created) that plugs into the carrier board in the processor socket so I can wire in my new processor. I have written some simple driver code to talk to the ADIN1110 and everything seems to be working OK when reading and writing to the chip. I have used some of the optional pullup resistors to select operating parameters(unmanaged mode) as this will be connected to a very basic processor. I have connected to the ESP32 processor running the Basic Echo program in hopes I can see the data I send. I see the LED_0 on the receiver blink when I send a frame, but the terminal window does not show the data. I believe I have all the correct MAC addreses etc. in the frame but apparently the Echo program is looking for that I am not sending. My frame consists of the 2 byte header, the destination MAC, the sender MAC, and 53 ASCII bytes for a total of 65 bytes. I am using Generic SPI with no CRC.
From the datasheet:
"Burst writes and reads must be in multiples of 4 bytes. The last
word (4 bytes) written can contain between 1 byte and 4 bytes of
valid data. However, TX_FSIZE is still written with the original frame
size + 2 bytes for the frame header (see Figure 20). For example,
to transmit a 65-byte frame that is prepended with a 2-byte header,
67 is written to TX_FSIZE, but 68 bytes are transferred over SDI.
The last byte is not used."

I do exactly as the datasheet says. I am hoping someone has some insight into what the Basic Echo program is looking for before I start to digging into the Sparkfun driver. I was planning on using the Sparkfun board board as a development tool. Any ideas on what the program is looking for would be greatly appreciated.
ThermalGuy :D
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By Thermalguy
I spent some more time reading the datasheet and found there is a framechecker which can be directed to monitor the data coming from the MAC to the PHY. Once I set that up, I found that my packet had a CRC error. Since I am using the ADIN1110 in the unmanaged mode, you have to enable the MAC to generate a CRC since it is ASSUMED the host would supply it. I missed that one. Now I am seeing my transmission packets on the Sparkfun board. :D Now on to getting power over the wires.
ThermalGuy :D
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By Duane Kaufman
I too am looking at coupling the ADIN-series chip to an ESP32. Would it be possible to share your design information/code?

Duane Kaufman
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