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By kevin1000
Win 7 64bits
Following the "STM32 Thing Plus Hookup Guide". After upload "Example - Blinky", lost usb port.
The program is running right.

The "STM32 Thing Plus Hookup Guide" is fine if it is plugged into a win10 PC.

I do need it works with win7 compter.

Please help
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By bidrohini
How is the blue led behaving? The hook-up guide says " If the blue LED remains dimly lit, it's probably still sitting in the bootloader. After uploading a sketch, you may need to tap the RST button to get your STM32 Thing Plus to begin running the sketch."
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By kevin1000
The blue led works fine, just like the design. Almost 1 second on, 1 second off.

I mean, this board can not connect windows 7 computer, the driver is not right. But it works with windows 10 computer.
I hope to get the solution on windows 7 computer.
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By waiyung
I had the same problem

Windows 11
Step1 = Without downloading BLINKY to the board, plug in the board, I could see COM3
Step2 = Follow the tutorial, download BLINKY to the board
Step3 = Recycle power via USB, the BLINKY ran no problem
Step4 = Plug in the board, but cannot see COM3 anymore

Can support help me / us?
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By rrainey
Same issue here. I have a Sparkfun STM32 Things Plus. I am using VS Code and arduino-cli. The board showed up as COM6 before my first upload. After the first upload, I have no COM6 -- I can still upload to that port however. I'm using the defaults for all the USB/Serial board configuration settings.
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