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By wryorange
My team member bought Micromod teensy board and SparkFun MicroMod ATP Carrier Board a few days ago.
He bought 60 Micromod teensy boards.
Today, I tested these boards but 9 boards didn't work.
These didn't blink led STAT, and It coudn't find serial port in my computer.
51 boards are working correctly, but 9 boards are not working.
Is this a problem of hardware?
my order numbers are 6719700 and 6681687.
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By TS-John
Greetings. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with 9/60 units here. We are going to take care of this issue quickly.

First, if you could clarify a few things that would be great.

Have you tried swapping problem ATP boards with good ATP board using a non working Teensy unit? What were the results?

How about swapping a non working Teensy unit with a working one on a non working ATP board?

I think the issue is with the MicroMod Teensy but I just want to make sure.
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By TS-Chris
It's possible that there's no bootloader on the Teensy boards, go ahead and fill in the form on this page with the URL to this forum post and your order number and we can get those back and send replacements for the 9 non functional boards.
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By bvernham
I having the exact same issue. I ordered this from Amazon. Blink is working on the board but I can not connect the via USB. No issue with Teensy 4.1.

Is this a problem with the ATP or with the Teensy?

I am getting another set so i should be able to figure out what is broken later.

I tried both USB C cables with my phone so no issue.

Boot button does nothing.

Is Sparkfun going to replace this or do I have to go back through Amazon?


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By bvernham
So, a very weird update.

Plugged ATP/Teensy a second Micromod Teensy/ problem.

Tried reseating the the Teensy in #1 ATP board. Didn't help.

I swapped the processor between boards thinking on would work and one would not well wrong. Now both work????

Wierd. Could be the edge connector tolerance vs the ATP connector tolerance?

Swapped the the boards and the original combination will not communicate. Swap them back and it works fine.

Seems to be a mechanical interfacing issue between the processor edge connector and the ATP board connector?



Possibly good old header pins are more reliable.

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Just to add to the fun: I had a TeensyMM that worked on the ATP, failed on my own PCBs and then failed on the ATP after two weeks of troubleshooting.

The behaviour was odd with no USB, no start-up and then finally no programming. I bought a second one which worked fine with everything.
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Hello, me again. I've got my Teensy MicroMod working once more. Can I suggest if yours is definitely unresponsive even after resets and you're not able/ unable to return it, that you try blasting the large cap and bootloader chip on the top of the PCB with heat from a SMD hot air gun. This cured my problem.
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Another TeensyMM has recently failed during regular use and I fixed it by reflowing the main BGA chip. I think the board is flexing and pulling the solder connections off the bottom of the large, stiff iMXRT IC. Either a flexing or soldering issue. The bootloader and cap are probably not to blame. This also explains intermittent and progressive failures (blinking codes, no USB...) that some others have had.
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