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By paulvha
In the different hookup guides, it is often instructed to add a link to the Sparkfun package index URL in preferences. The issue is that there are different links and those files are not in sync.

The nRF52832 hookup guide instructs to add the following link in preferences :
Code: Select all
(Note:  it has nrf5 in the URL!!!)
I could add the necessary package needed.

Now I wanted to add Micromod SAMD51.. the hookup guides instructs to add
Code: Select all
(Note : it has master in the URL!!)
Now the trouble starts.. the package_sparkfun_index.json on 'master' does NOT have nrf5 package reference and the file on 'nrf5' only has the reference to an old version of the SAMD. Thus you can NOT select the Micromod but only :

SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout
SparkFun SAMD21 Dev Breakout

The workaround (for now) was to remove the nrf5-URL in preferences. Leave the URL with 'master' in place. You can now install and select the Micromod. As a result however you can NOT select nrf52832 anymore. You have to go back into preferences, change 'master' in the URL to 'nrf5', start the boards-manager (to download the other package_sparkfun_index.json) and then you can select the nrf52832 from the menu. (but of course NOT Micromod anymore)

It is not clear on which Github-location to post this as a bug.. but just in case run in this issue I have posted it here

P.s. the picture in the nrf52832 hookup guide shows the URL with 'master', but that file does NOT have nrf5 references and just above the picture shows the URL with 'nrf5' (for copy code)
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By TS-Chris
Thanks Paul.

I reported this to the engineering team today, hopefully they can get this fixed quickly!
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