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By Fremsley
I like the idea of being able to switch between processors and a carrier board, but the examples are not good enough to really get a jump start on using this system. For example I wanted to use the SAMD51 board with the display TFT carrier board, but the example code was for the ESP32. It did not work out of the box. Fortunately I hedged my bets ant bought all of the processors and I got it to work.

My question is how to read the pin outs for say the LED and micro SD card so that I can use the full functionality of the processor and indeed the board? I have found the example code very lacking for Micromod.
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By YellowDog
I think these just launched, more examples and code will probably be coming in the future.
By Fremsley
Yes I understand this, but it is very painful to work this out for myself. It is clear that the developer of the example code could have done a little more to make this better for everyone. Don't want to seem negative. This is a great product!
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By TS-Brandon
Thank you for your feedback. MicroMod is a new ecosystem that we've launched. There are plenty of new discoveries and adventures that awaits us. We dipped our toes into the ecosystem world with our Qwiic Ecosystem. We've learned a lot from it and we are looking forward to learning so much more with MicroMod. I will notify our internal teams about your suggestion for future support.

We sincerely appreciate your time and feedback. Thank you!
By Fremsley
I have managed to get the MicroSD card reading and writing working using pin 5. Some minor issues with having to put a slash in the filename, but all is good.

Now onto the LEDs which does not seem to be so clear. I have seen some examples for the APA102 and I assume that I should use FastLED for this. Perhaps this weekend will come up with a solution.
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By wonder_boom
Sorry about the problems with The Input and Display Carrier Board. I had not added some variable names to the SAMD51 Processor Board variant files that other Engineers had for their Processor Boards (e.g. ESP32 Processor Board). I have since added them and it now works. Please see this post for more information: viewtopic.php?f=181&t=54156
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