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By epicdragon872
("No DEFAULT_ETH_INT_Pin defined, please set in being function")
Looking through the library file (boardsupport.h) I see that Teensy isn't in there. I have tried adding a block of code setting the default pins for (ARDUINO_TEENSY_MICROMOD) in this file, but I am having trouble determining what I should put. For reference, the ESP32 is

#define DEFAULT_ETH_INT_Pin D0

How do I determine which pins these would be for the Teensy (or any other processor for that matter)? Also my single pair ethernet function card is on slot 0. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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By epicdragon872
I found the schematics for the processer, carrier board, and function board and added this to the boardsupport.h file in the ADIN1110 library:

#define DEFAULT_ETH_INT_Pin 10
#define DEFAULT_ETH_RESET_Pin 44
#define DEFAULT_ETH_SPI_CS_Pin 55

However, when I run any of the examples (1a BasicSendRecieve, or 1b BasicEcho, for example), the program hangs on the adin1110.begin(deviceMAC) command. I am no longer getting the compile error I was getting earlier, but the processor is still failing to connect to the ethernet function board (if I am understanding this correctly).
I ran into the same problem. Thank you for the pinouts. Also did not work with the pinout. I put the processors that came with the Kit-19628 (ESP32 and Apollo3) into the boards and this worked fine once all the board definition files were installed. Not sure why they ship two different processors, but it is cool to see the same code compile for different boards. Lastly, if using the same computer for both boards, make sure you start the IDE twice so that you can upload to each board separately. (don't just open the other file from the first IDE instance).
Hello i have the same problem with the KIT-19628 the one with ESP32 work well but the one with artemis micromod don't work

i have change the "boardsupport.h" like this
#define DEFAULT_ETH_INT_Pin 10
#define DEFAULT_ETH_RESET_Pin 44
#define DEFAULT_ETH_SPI_CS_Pin 55

but Failed to connect to ADIN1110 MACPHY. Make sure board is connected and pins are defined for target.

there a other file to update?
thanks to your help
the solution is to change boardsuppor.h like this for artemis micromod.

#define DEFAULT_ETH_INT_Pin D0

the solution was in Arduino15\packages\SparkFun\hardware\apollo3\1.2.1\variants\artemis_micromod\config\variant.h
#define MOSI 38
#define MISO 43
#define SCK 42
#define CS 41

Best regards
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