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By JrV

I have a problem using the ICM 20948 inside PlatformIO.

Hardware Setup: MicroMod ML carrier board + nRF52840 processor board + ICM 20948
Software tools: Arduino IDE and Visual Code with PlatformIO

When I upload the example Example1_Basics using the Arduino IDE, I get :
Scaled. Acc (mg) [ -00003.42, 00000.98, 01043.95 ], Gyr (DPS) [ 00001.53, -00000.29, 00000.91 ], Mag (uT) [ -00033.75, 00007.20, 00025.20 ], Tmp (C) [ 00025.54 ]
Scaled. Acc (mg) [ 00010.25, -00006.35, 01041.50 ], Gyr (DPS) [ 00002.85, -00000.05, 00002.42 ], Mag (uT) [ -00034.50, 00006.30, 00025.20 ], Tmp (C) [ 00025.73 ]

However, if I upload the same example using Platformio, I get:
Initialization of the sensor returned: Data Underflow
Trying again...

In Arduino IDE and PlatformIO the MicroMod board is recognized ad Arduino Nano 33 BLE.

Is the board definition different between Arduino IDE and PlatformIO.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks for the feedback.

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By TS-Russell
While we don't generally use Platform IO, the fact that the regular Arduino IDE is working point to perhaps a library issue or settings issues in Platform IO - here's the library they have posted for the ICM 20948 ... %20Library - I would check that, and double-check the COM selection as well (makes sure it's using the same COM port as the Arduino IDE)

Best of luck!
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