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By tech-mech
I am working on a very modified version of an example ESP32 to ESP32 WiFi from RandomNerds.
Converting the code to use SFE BME280 code was easy. It is the Server and WiFi AP. On the MicroMod I have an ESP32 client. Converting the code from the Adafruit Micro OLED to HyperDisplay took time but it works full screen.
I also got it to work split screen but I do not know how to blank just one window. I tried to refill the window (myTFT.fillWindow();) like I did at the creation of the window but it turns black and the program stops.
As all I really need is to blank out the old values I tried printing blank spaces but that didn't do anything.
So is there any way to clear just one window?


ps I figured out how to use #define to create colors (I have a file converted from an Org file of several hundred color names and numbers). I have also figured out an easy way to print on the lines I want with the stock font.
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By tech-mech
I am not sure what I got messed up but I move things around in the code and got it to work. I am using 2 background colors and 4 text colors so changing between them can cause problems.
I still need to figure out how to just blank out just a portion of a window.

Dale the mechanic
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By tech-mech
I worked out a 3 window arrangement. The first window is used by setup, the next is for alerts, and the third is for the data. the second and third windows are sized based off the first window. If all windows use the same background the display looks like one screen. I define color names and their RGB values at the top of the listing.
When printing to the alert window, refilling it with the background color you need to reset where to print at. Otherwise it stats where it left off.

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