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I am confident I am missing something obvious.

I have recently received:

DEV-18710 MicroMod mikroBUS Carrier Board[/list]
DEV-17713 SparkFun MicroMod STM32 Processor
CAB-09215 AVR Programming Cable
PGM-19104 MIKROE mikroProg for STM32
PRT-15363 Header - 2x5 Pin (Female, 1.27mm)
PRT-15362 Header - 2x5 Pin (Male, 1.27mm)

After receiving the kit and reading the 'Getting Started' guide a few dozen times I followed these steps below:

I have soldered the 2x5 header to the jtag position on the Micromod carrier board
Installed the STM32 processor
Tested my connections about 10 times
Connected the board to power via a USB C cable
Connected the mikroProg via the jtag connector

I get the indicator light on the mikroProg that I have USB connection. I see the USB connection on the computer. But I never see the 'Active' light or 'Data' light.

I have not been able to get either MikroProg Suite or Codegrip to recognize the microprocessor. I believe I've double checked that I have the ST link drivers but maybe missing something.

I'm feeling a bit over my head, any help is appreciated.
YellowDog wrote: Mon Dec 05, 2022 10:47 am Where did you put the header? From the pin 1 designator it looks like the header should be on the bottom of the board rather than the top.
I found the header configuration confusing based on the pinout vs the photos. I have a male header and a female header. It appears if I had used the female header then I would have ended up wiht a configuration as described on the website. However I used the male header and I am connecting from the top. Still, I'm follow pin 1 on the header to pin 1 on the AVR connector that came wiht the MikroProg. I've been making the assumption that was OK.

So perhaps I need remove the header and either install it from the bottom or just use the female header. I was hoping to avoid getting the heat after the board again.
Thank you @YellowDog, you have moved me along a bit.

--- I have successfully connected to and programed the STM32 using a USB C cable and Arduino IDE.
--- I have researched driver issues and made sure I am up to date on the STM32 drivers and the ST-Link drivers.
--- mikroProg Suite for ARM will detect the the MCU

I am still unable to connect through CodeGrip or Necto.

I'm still thinking it's a driver issue but I'm very open to suggestions.

Still head scratching on this one.
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