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Open source ARM Debugger
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By WassimDhokar

I hope I can find some help here concerning the problem that I am having.

I am working in custom board based on RI5CY cpu and likely the debug support for the debug interface of this CPU is added to openocd as part from Vega board project which uses zero RI5CY and RI5CY cpus.

I can connect with the target with openocd,read,write,single step commands are working however when connecting GDB client to OpenOcd and starting debug session for some reason GDB continue command doesn't work and GDB get halted. I tried to trace the debug logs for openocd and I found whenever I execute the GDB continue command OpenOcd getting gdb-halt event then it trigger GDB to halt the program by sending halted event back to GDB.
The interesing thing about all this is that the program in the hardware is never halted so mainly GDB somehow is desynchronized and I don't know why I am getting thid halt command.

I will appreciate any help concerning this topic.