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Open source ARM Debugger
By Newb
Hey there,

i´m new to OpenOCD and JTAG and I need to write a new config file for a target (MGM111 by Silabs).
I know that it uses an ARM Cortex M4.

But i totally need help in writing a target file.
Where can I find resources on how to write a config file for that target?
What do I have to look for in the data sheet ( ... aSheet.pdf)?

By Newb
so I found out some stuff by myself, but I hope you can help me with some other things.

Here is what I got so far:
  • MGM111 is using a ARM Cortex M4F
  • It has 256 KB flash and 32 KB RAM memory
  • ARM uses little endian
  • It supports JTAG and SWD
  • I hope, that they did not change the default scan chain (0x4ba00477 or rather 0x2ba01477)

What I still need is the following:
  • What is the instruction register length?
  • Where does the physical work area start? At 0x10000000 or at 0x20000000?
  • What is F_CPU after reset?
  • What does "reset_config srst_nogate" mean? Does it apply here?
  • How does the following behaviour affect the config?
Any help is appreciated!
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