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Open source ARM Debugger
By moibrahim
I am newbie to OpenOCD. My question may seem basic: I know that we have to point to configuration file when running OpenOCD. In this configuration file we have to mention used interface for debugging, then we can use commands used for that interface. For example, there is ready interface for RaspberryPi (bcm2835gpio) and configuration file starts as follow
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interface bcm2835gpio
bcm2835gpio_peripheral_base 0x3F000000
bcm2835gpio_jtag_nums 11 25 10 9
My question is, instead of this Raspberry pi interface, do we have in OpenOCD a general JTAG interface that can be used in the similar way to be for example like the following
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interface jtag
jtag_peripheral_base 0x2C000000
jtag_nums 7 5 4 3
Thanks in Advance