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Open source ARM Debugger
By zferreira

I have been trying to use the DCC function to receive debug text from a ARM 926EJ-S or a ARM 966E, but it seems not be functionly properly. I can flash the devices, create breakpoints and use all the other tools

In an implementation of the ARM 926EJ-S, when I activate the "debugmsgs" to "charmsg", I only get the first charater of every new line, in some cases I get the second/third instead.
On an other implementation, I receive a big chunk of text with missing characters when I activate the "charmsg".

I already tried with a couple of jtag adapters, ranging from a Raspberry Pi to a BusBlaster.

The problems seems to be in the OpenOCD, because when I use a Lauterbach debugger I can receive the text properly.

Is this a known issue that you expect to fix, if not can we solve it?
Or is it a problem on the type of jtag adapter / processor?

Best regards,

Jose Ferreira