OpenOCD write_image fails

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OpenOCD write_image fails

Post by bmarvo » Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:29 pm

Hi all

I am using OpenOCD with a Flyswatter2. I'm targeting a PXA270 with Micron MT28EW512ABA external NOR flash. I used to have an older Micron part that is for all intents and purposes identical to this new one and everything works fine with that.

I can successfully do a flash probe, flash info, and flash erase_sector.

Now I have a couple issues:

1.) flash protect returns an error like "primary cfi command set 2 unsupported"
2.) This one is weird. For any write, like write_image or fillw, OpenOCD will return an error and stop the current command if the word starts or ends with 0xFFFF (like 0xFFFFABCD, or 0x1234FFFF). So if I try to do a write_image, it will go along and happily write until it reaches a word matching that critera. It WILL write that word, but stop after that. Oddly, 0xFFFFFFFF works, its only if it starts or ends with 0xFFFF. :neutral:

Like I said, this doesn't happen with the old NOR flash I was using, everything works properly.
I have done a bunch of digging and found some old threads (like 10 years) with people having problems with AMD/Spansion flash, not sure if those problems were fixed or not since.

I can provide more info later and any assistance is appreciated.

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